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Marketing is Hard and We Deserve an Award

  • 1.  Marketing is Hard and We Deserve an Award

    Posted Jul 25, 2019 04:39 PM

    Marketing is not always a fun job. Contrary to all the jokes, we are not just picking out event giveaways and designing pretty pictures all day. Marketing takes focus, creativity and skill. And we deserve more credit! 

    Last year I was so happy to receive the very first Brooke Webb Smith Memorial Award. And I am truly looking forward to finding out who will receive the award this October at the User Group Summit.

    YOU can take part by nominating a friend, colleague or even yourself for the award! Someone with an extraordinary passion for the art of marketing. A special person who loves to learn and share their knowledge.

    Nominations are being accepted until August 15th at

    Brooke Webb Smith Award Ceremony 2018
    Winning this award last year was very emotional for me. I was touched that I had been nominated by my peers, along with such a talented group of marketers. And it felt good to keep this little piece of my friend Brooke alive in people's minds.

    I know one of the qualifications for this award was an enthusiasm for sharing knowledge. And that is truly something I believe in. I have always believed that sharing information, strategies and tips with others, even with the so called "Competition", was the best thing to do. We will all be stronger the more we share.

    That is what the Channel Marketing Alliance is all about. And that is certainly what Brooke was all about. She was curious about everything and was always learning and testing and trying new things in marketing.

    I am sorry that I was not able to be in Phoenix to accept the award in person last year. It was such a tough decision. But many knew that I am doing a volunteer teaching work in Bulgaria. It would have been an incredibly long and tiring trip. And I think Brooke's story helped me to see the need to be balanced.

    But I will be at User Group Summer 2019 in Orlando. And I can't wait to see which marketer is invited on stage to honor Brooke's memory.

    As Brooke used to say, "you don't have to be the smartest person in the room. But find the smartest person in the room, get to know them, and listen to what they say." Let's take advantage of our time together at the event and learn from all smart, creative marketers in our channel.

    Please Nominate yourself or a fellow marketer for the Brooke Webb Smith Memorial Award so we can continue to honor those that exemplify the hard work and dedication Brooke had for our marketing community. Nominations will be accepted through August 15, 2019.

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    Anya Ciecierski
    Director of Marketing
    CAL Business Solutions, Inc.
    Harwinton CT