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CMA Rock Star - Amanda Sherry!

  • 1.  CMA Rock Star - Amanda Sherry!

    Posted 25 days ago

    This month we are recognizing Amanda Sherry, Director of Marketing and CMA Board Member as our Channel Marketing Alliance Rock Star! Congratulations Amanda and thank you for everything you do for CMA!

    Name: Amanda Sherry

    Title: Director of Marketing

    Company: Western Computer

    Number of Years Doing Marketing:
    12 years of marketing experience, 5 years within the channel

    What benefits have you experienced from CMA (is there a situation or a problem CMA has helped solve?)
    The largest benefit is that the secluded, desert island feeling has dissolved!  I work from home full-time on a small marketing team. Before the CMA, it was easy to feel like I was on my own, experiencing unique issues, and didn't know where I should turn if I encountered a problem. The CMA has proven to be a community of Channel Marketers. We have the same struggles, the same concerns, and the same issues we are all trying to overcome. It's great to know that we aren't alone and have a place to connect with others.

    Favorite Marketing Tool and Why?
    Google Analytics, it's extremely robust and there is so much to dive into! I'm an analytics nerd and could spend all day uncovering and researching new things within Google Analytics.

    Why should others join CMA?
    Channel marketers should join the CMA because it's great to have an ally, a place to turn, and a community of like-minded people on your side.

    Favorite vacation destination?
    I have two that vary greatly depending on what I want from a vacation:

    If I'd like to get away from it all and relax on a beach, I love St. Lucia. It's where my husband and I went on our honeymoon and a few years later we returned to attend our friend's destination wedding.

    If I want to immerse myself in another culture, I go to Munich, Germany. I've been to Munich eight times and have created lifelong friends that I like to visit as often as possible. A bonus is that the food and beer in Munich can't be beat! 

    Both of these destinations will always hold a special place in my heart.

    Daisey Eck
    Program Manager
    Dynamic Communities
    Fargo ND