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I am known for my attention to detail, posters, and obsession with colors. Colors in order, preferably. Most of my time is spent working at Integrity Data, Inc. as Senior Marketing Communications Specialist. My journey with Integrity Data began in 2009 after a relocation to IL from New England. Through the years, my fingers have been in a number of nitty gritty aspects of the company creating ample opportunity to strategize processes between departments, which I find fun. I get in the “zone” and lose all sense of time when being creative. My role allows me to include my love of photography, relating with people, and playing in Photoshop or WordPress. As a bonus, I have an amazing manager whose ongoing encouragement pushes me to do my best and be who I am.

What I like: Sharpies, Maps, Spending Time with People, Giving Gifts, Weather, Photoshop, Lightroom, Photography, Organizing, Hand-Written Lists (Yes, I’m that person who makes a list so I can check something off), Adverbs, Details, Proofreading, Simplifying, Strategizing, Analyzing, and Creating Processes.

Top 5 Strengths: Individualization, Strategic, Relator, Empathy, Woo. For more details, read “Strengthsfinder 2.0” (Gallup, 2007) or visit

Colors Test: High Gold/Blue

I am process-driven with high sequential thinking. My ability to organize and methodical approach ensures that I complete my projects and every task with excellence. No stone left un-turned.