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The Channel Marketing Alliance, powered by Dynamic Communities, is the channel marketer’s primary source for professional development, strategic direction, collaboration, and more. Powered by curiosity and strengthened by a supportive community, the Channel Marketing Alliance strives to create a learning path that addresses and solves the unique challenges channel marketers face in a rapidly evolving marketplace. 


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  • Good Morning, CMA! What a time to be a B2B marketer... Recently, the CMA steering committee was discussing ways we could support our Channel Marketing community. With most of our ...

  • Hi Mark! Email geek here. This sounds like a deliverability issue. A couple of recommendations to get you started: Did everyone on your newsletter list opt in? If not, you might ...

  • The pit? No! Not the pit!  Make sure to Authenticate your email "from" address.  That should help ;) ------------------------------ Adriana Di Vito Channel Relations & Communications ...

  • Hi all - any tips out there for avoiding the dreaded Outlook junk folder for customer newsletters and the like? Thank you! Mark ------------------------------ Mark Rhodes Chief Strategy ...

  • Marketing Mondays:  Tip #7 Complete your Company Bio/Description. There is nothing worse than going to the company's social media profile and seeing no bio/description about the ...

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  • Thank you Daisey, Michelle, Natalie and Kim! You all know how to make a gal feel special! :) I have been lucky to be in this channel for so long and I appreciate all of the friends ...

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  • Michelle is one of the most outstanding in the Dynamics market!  That is why I tell my clients to work with her! Congrats!  So proud of you! ------------------------------ Kim Peterson ...

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Posted By Daisey Eck Jul 8, 2020 6:57 PM
Found In Library: Channel Marketing Alliance Community
As Google moved to a more human-based algorithm in 2018, meaning they rank based on how humans, not machines interact with content, marketers are challenged with developing keyword strategies that speak ...
Posted By Daisey Eck Jun 10, 2020 4:01 PM
Found In Library: Channel Marketing Alliance Community
I SV and VAR working relationships are meant to be a true partnership. We all come to the dance, right? We say we want to dance, yet we don’t know who is leading or how long the song will last! Matter ...
Posted By Daisey Eck May 12, 2020 11:50 AM
Found In Library: Channel Marketing Alliance Community
​ A critical element that is still missing in many technology marketer’s approach is creativity. From the content you create to how you deliver it, creativity is the secret sauce that can set you apart ...
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