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How To Get The Information Out of Their Heads And Into a Blog Post

By Anya Ciecierski posted Nov 19, 2017 01:07 PM


Who are the subject matter experts at your company that know the most about your product and your industry? Usually it is the owner of the company or the billable consultants. Exactly the same people who do NOT have time to write blog posts.

In my experience the people who have the most knowledge to share are not always good at sharing it. So what is a marketing person to do? Figure out an easy way for them to get the information out of their heads and into a blog post.

Asking them to sit down at a blank screen and write is not going to happen. You need to make it easier. It is not easy to write. It is much easier to talk. And when they start talking you need to be ready. Taking notes will slow down the process. So my favorite method is to record them. Then I don't lose any of the valuable information they share.

Literally there are times when I will be in a meeting with my boss and he will start talking about something very interesting. I will whip out my iPhone, hit record and encourage him to keep talking.

Other times I will specifically schedule a 15 minute call with him, or one of the consultants at my company. I will ask a question and hit record. I may ask a few questions to clarify what they have said or prompt them for more detail.  But it is pretty painless for everyone.

Then I get a transcription of the recording. And turn that transcription into a blog post “written” by the person I recorded.

I have tried several recording and transcription methods but the one that I currently like the best is They have an easy recording app for my phone. And the transcription cost is a predictable $1 per minute. Other services I have used charge per word, and add extra fees for multiple speakers which can get expensive. I have also tried free transcription services but I have always been disappointed in the quality.

The best blog posts are the ones that provide solid, interesting information that a reader can’t get somewhere else. In our industry it is difficult for the marketing person to come up with the same level of deep information that the consultants have.

When you can get that information out of their heads and into a blog post, you will end up with some great content the drives traffic and leads to your website.

 by Anya Ciecierski

Director of Marketing, CAL Business Solutions

Editor, ERP Software Blog & CRM Software Blog

Twitter: @AnyaCWMktg