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I Will Tell You The Truth About Social Listening In The Next 60 Seconds

By Jon Rivers posted Aug 08, 2019 09:05 PM


Social media monitoring may have been around for a while now, but it’s undoubtedly underutilized by many in the Microsoft Partner ecosystem. So why is that? I believe its a general lack of seeing the benefits of social media marketing, and in turn, people haven’t grasped the value social listening brings, or it could be just the fear of the unknown.   

In my research, I have found a lot of marketers have fully comprehended the power of social listening.

No longer are the days when social monitoring tools were only available to large companies, now they are available to all sizes of companies and solutions are even free or least not too expensive to use.

In this post if you are medium, small, or startup business, we going to touch upon how you can benefit by adding a social listening strategy to your organization:

  1. Tools

You may already be using tools like Hootsuite to assist with scheduling your posts, but also you gain a lot of insights into how well engagement is with your posts of the social channels like LinkedIn and Twitter. TweetDeck is another excellent tool that allows you to gain intelligence on content, people, and even your competitors. There are many other tools out there, which we would be happy to share.

The key to any of these tools is you have to spend the time reviewing the analytics, which is an area many people don’t spend enough time when it comes to social management as a whole. You need to start understanding who is engaging the most with your content, how are they engaging? Are they liking or doing more by sharing with comments. If they are posting questions in the comments, then you need to research and find the best way to approach and engage with them. That is not always a straight reply on social. It might be sharing with them a blog that either you have written on the topic or another thought leader has written.

  1. Don’t automate and respond in real-time

We are all human, and time to time, we make mistakes in our strategy, but its how we deal with the error afterward that counts.

So by implementing social listening, it allows you to listen in real-time, giving you the opportunity to react in a faster way to solve the issue, which is what people expect these days.

  1. Competition

Having as much intelligence on your competitors is always a good thing, and social listening assists you in that aspect. At the same time, it allows you to see where their shortfalls are so you possibly take advantage of the situation and drive those prospective clients your way instead.

  1. Customers

Loyal customers are the backbone to our successful companies, and they could be efficiently promoting your solutions via social for free. Remember these fans are your greatest assets, so utilizing social listening will allow you to see how they are helping you and so you an appreciate them accordingly. It also allows you to promptly take action and respond to them when necessary as well.

  1. Driving Leads

We saved one of the best social listening strategies to last, not for any reason but more because we wanted to end on what does every company want. Leads generation and lead conversation. That’s right!

You might argue that it’s harder to get heard when larger competitors having larger budgets and having multiple people focused on their digital marketing strategies, like SEO and digital advertising.

I am not going to going to disagree on small business more than anyone needs to do more on a smaller budget.

But I differ to others out there and say that social media is full of people who are looking for solutions like yours, but you have to do your homework.

For example, social listening allows you to find people who are recommending solutions like yours or better, still complaining about your competitors. This now gives you an opener to engage with them but don’t I caution by not overselling out of the gate as you need to build that trust as currently, they are unhappy.  

Bottomline social selling, which is interwoven with social listening is tremendously unutilized in the technology industry still so this gives you leading edge.

As we wrap up social listening as you see can be used in many ways to achieve different goals. Your takeaway is to try to think outside of the box on how social listening can benefit your organization and start small by trying those ideas over some time. But remember you need to track and analyze everything you do so you understand what work and didn’t so you can adjust as there is no one perfect strategy that fits all companies.