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Marketing Plans Made Simple

By Kim Peterson posted Mar 07, 2019 04:15 PM


If you are responsible for building awareness and bringing in leads for your organization, a lot of pressure is extended to you on growing your company’s business. You are probably stressed out just thinking about it!!

I find many organizations fly by the seat of their pants. That is not only a ‘bad idea,’ it also doesn’t help others in the organization to understand what is planned, progressing, and how it all worked out. They don’t understand all the hard work you are doing!   

Key to a success is to document, but you also don’t need to over complicate it. Here are some steps that I go through while establishing an initial marketing plan.

1.    Understand the company’s focus and goals for new and existing clients. 

a.    List industry focuses

b.    Number of new customers

c.     Number of existing customers

d.    Nutrition rate (lose ~10% to mergers, other products, partners, etc.)

e.    Understand the lead to close ratio (example: 100 leads give you 10 qualified > 6 proposals > 2 closes)

2.    Do a SWOT analysis. Uncover what you are looking at and what you can do to take advantage of opportunities.  Another opportunity in finding messaging.

3.    Begin with a clean calendar (spreadsheet) and put in activities that you do every year. 

a.    Conferences and tradeshows

b.    Newsletters

c.     Courses

d.    Timely webinars (year-end education)

4.    Concentrate on the first quarter by filling it out. Enter activities by month.

a.    Outline the details of all that needs to be done; who will do what by when.

                                          i.    Category, project, activity, tactics, responsible, deadline, budget, results and notes.

5.    While you are finishing up the first quarter, establish budget for the remaining part of the year.

6.    After the first quarter is ready and you have started to execute, fill in the next quarter and so on.

7.    Continue to document. Share and receive sign off on what you are executing.

8.    Always record results; so you can work on improving. Enter notes so you remember when planning in the future.

To help outlining a plan; I’m providing a spreadsheet that outlines a simple marketing plan.  I’ve also recorded a presentation that helps walk you thru in getting started on YouTube. 

·         Simple Marketing Plan!AnFyZiL0jU-muDlzbNA24mR21MLU

·         Recording on YouTube