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19 Ways to Supercharge Your 2019 Marketing Planning: Key Takeaways

By Michelle Glennie posted Dec 17, 2018 01:08 PM


You’ve likely been working hard on your 2019 marketing strategy and who couldn’t use some expert advice and creative ideas to make it even better? The easiest place to fall short in marketing is the plan.  The better the plan – the better the results.

Barbara Pfeiffer with The Partner Marketing Group recently shared 19 ways to supercharge your 2019 marketing planning which you can watch on-demand right now in the CMA library. It’s a great place to start if your marketing strategy needs some new energy. Here are few of the key takeaways from the presentation to get you excited.

Put the “Plan(s)” in Planning

It probably goes without saying that effective planning requires plans, but there are a few “extra” plans that could be the game changer when it comes to revamping your 2019 marketing strategy.

  • Create a content plan: This should be separate from your actual marketing plan. Incorporate content from your audit and assign content pieces to writers, internally or outsourced, and set up your publishing calendar.
  • Build a customer story plan: Some of the strongest content you can create are customer stories or case studies. Map out which customers you will approach and what you will ask, and be sure to include where you will use those quotes or stories (e-mails, website, offers, etc.).
  • Create a cross-sell/up-sell/nurture plan: It costs more to create a new customer than it does to build up an existing one. When you are building this plan, think about activities that will nurture your customers – create cross-sell & up-sell campaigns regarding customer satisfaction and loyalty initiatives.
  • Implement a tactical plan: Once you have your overall plan created, it can help stay on track to create more detailed plans that show key tactics and milestones for each major item.

Avoid the Vacuum

Receiving customer feedback at all stages of marketing is extremely crucial to success. Planning in a vacuum creates a closed-off, stagnant marketing plan. Gathering data and feedback before, during, and after a customer purchase will allow you to analyze changes in customer perception and satisfaction, allowing you to better prepare future marketing plans.

When you’re creating these feedback measures, be sure to include your sales and support teams in discussions. These core teams of employees provide important insight on what they are hearing when they talk to prospects and customers.

Be Realistic

It’s important your goals always align with your resources. If you realize mid-year you’re planning for more than your resources – adjust! Rather than doing away with a portion of your plan, it’s better to make incremental adjustments throughout the timeline to make sure you can do everything you want to achieve.

A great way to avoid having to make cuts is to maximize the quality of each portion of your plan. Get creative with your tactics: pull 5-10 blogs from your recent eBook. Create a short video highlighting infographics from the eBook. Or inversely – take webinars, infographics, and articles you’ve created and turn them into an eBook.

Once you’ve created your ideal, supercharged marketing plan, the most important step is implementing it! Be sure to check out Barbara’s full presentation for all 19 ways to bring your 2019 marketing plan to its full potential.