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    Posted Jun 13, 2019 09:26 AM
    Hello Fellow Channel Marketers!

    We have had quite a few discussions on here about account-based marketing, so I thought I might share my recent blog post on how to incorporate your marketing automation platform into your account-based marketing campaigns:

    I'll also be talking about this at emfluence's annual marketing automation and email strategy conference on August 23rd--if you're interested in attending that conference, please send me a message and I'll get you a discount code. You don't have to use our marketing automation software to attend--it's just great knowledge for email marketers and marketers heavily using marketing automation software to get deep-dive information on trends, ideas, strategy, etc. Here's the link if you'd like to learn more:

    And moreover, I would LOVE to hear how you are managing the personal touches in your ABM campaigns! Are you using your marketing automation platform? Having your sales team make the highly personalized touches? Something else?

    Natalie Jackson
    Marketing Director
    emfluence Marketing Platform
    Kansas City MO