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How to Create Great Content that Breaks Through the Webiverse Clutter (CMA) 

Feb 27, 2019 03:43 PM

In a world of constant “noise”, people have adapted by carefully choosing what noise they pay attention to. The webiverse has undergone major transformation in recent years, so what once worked in terms of content, is quickly becoming more and more obsolete. There is, however, one thing that never changes… 

We all love stories! And you too, can become an amazing story teller for yourself and your business. Join this webinar to become the best story-teller you can be and how we, too, can adapt and succeed in garnering the shortened attention spans of today. 

Speaker: Brianne van Reenen 
Having operated in sales and business development for more than a decade, Brianne van Reenen was inspired to create Wild Lark Strategies after seeing many organization's be stunted by a disconnect between their sales, marketing and internal company messaging. Currently serving as the VP Chair of Communications for the Channel Marketing Alliance, Brianne knows the power of a like-minded community. She is also an aspiring author who lives in a garden home with 16 other feet/paws in blustery West Texas. 

Using holistic messaging to create client engagement programs, Wild Lark Strategies helps businesses attract healthy clients by aligning marketing and sales efforts. Not only does WLS guide organizations to their key brand differentiators, we offer the content copy, structuring of processes and training so you may express those differentiators to facilitate valuable interactions within your market. 


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